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My Holy Grail Foundations

Foundation has always been my favorite item in my collection. I am always looking for the bigger and better one. In my opinion it is the most important step in your makeup routine. Think of your face as a canvas. You want the perfect smooth even canvas to start with, so everything you put on top of that blends and lays seamlessly. Your smokey eye may be blended to perfection and your wing may be sharp enough to kill, but if your foundation looks cakey or is melting off your face half way through the day. That is what people are going to notice. I am always on the hunt for the perfect foundation. Through all my time spent in Sephora and Ulta, I have honestly tried almost every foundation out there! Through all of this trial and error is how I have come to find my holy grail foundations! Now with anything in life what works for one might not work for another. I have very dry skin, rosacea, and a very neutral undertone. When searching for a foundation those are my top priorities. With that being said some of these I am going to talk about would 100% work for oily skin and other undertones too. Below I will explain why I love each and every one of these foundations!

This was my very first high end foundation 14 years ago and I have been wearing it ever since. And for good reason! I don't know how many times during my early twenties I would wear this foundation out, sleep in it...( bad habit I know but when drinks are involved its ok right?) The next morning my girlfriends would ask me if I got up and re did my makeup because it had not budged and looked flawless still! Here are a few other reasons I love this foundation. My shade in this is 2N1 and I apply this with a beauty blender.

* Matte/Natural finish

* Full coverage without looking cakey

* Great color range

* Good for all skin types

* Spf in it

* Proven 24 hour wear

* Feels very light on the skin

( I do not recommend this foundation for my brides because it does have spf in it so it can cause flashback in photography.)

This one is newer to my collection but quickly becoming a top favorite! It is perfect for dry skin women who want some glow and a medium to buildable coverage. It has that glow to it but stays put. You don't have to worry about it sliding off your face mid day. My shade in this is 4.5 and I apply this with a beauty blender.

* Medium to full coverage

* Beautiful satin finish

* Great shade selection

* Stays put through out the day

* Feels light on the skin

* Good for dry to normal skin types

I tried this foundation when it first came out and it was impossible to find. I was not impressed with it right away. Luckily I just got a sample of it at the time. Fast forward a few months. I'm shopping at Sephora and the woman helping me had the most flawless foundation, her skin was glowing! Of course I asked what do you have on your skin, her reply was this foundation. I decided to give it another try and i'm so happy I did! You do need to set your t zone with this ( even if you are dry) but once you do that it is beautiful on the skin and doesn't move. My shade is Awakened and I apply this with a beauty blender.​​

* Beautiful Satin finish

* Great for dry skin

*This foundation will be great for dry skin types but I would not recommend for oily skin types.

* Great color selection for neutral undertones

* Comes with a pump on the bottle ( my favorite)

* Medium to full coverage

* formulated with pure argan oil

* Allure best of beauty winner (2016)

I have worn this foundation for a couple years now. I absolutely LOVE the formula! It has a full coverage that looks like skin. I don't know what kind of magic they put in this, but i'm loving it! It stays vey well throughout the day without settling into fine lines. This is another one that I believe all skin types would enjoy. It is full coverage without being too matte. My absolute favorite is to mix this with my Estee lauder double wear. My shade in this is Light beige and I apply this with a beauty blender.

* Skin like finish

* Medium to full coverage

*Good color selection

*Good for all skin types

* Wears good through out the day​​

* Feels very light on the skin

The best way I can describe this foundation is your skin but better. It is so light weight and sits so beautifully on the skin that it looks like a perfect version of your own skin. It is easy to blend and does not crease or move throughout the day. This is a light to medium coverage. I love using this in the summer when you want your skin to look flawless without the made up look. The finish is light and luminous! My shade in this is 30 Beige and I like to apply this with the elf buffing brush and a beauty blender.

* Luminous to satin finish

* Medium coverage

* Great shade range ( especially neutral undertones)​​

* Good for all skin types

* Very light on the skin

* For being CHANEL this price point is good

* Has hyaluronic acid in it to maintain moisture

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